Remember when the kids in the neighborhood used to knock on doors, selling raffle tickets for a good cause? They felt good and accomplished by promoting a good cause, and you, not only felt good for the same reason, but also from the excitement of having the chance to win something. It didn’t really matter whether the winning prize was a nice, little basket of chocolates or a new decorative vase for the living room; it was that win-win combination of playing a bit and helping a good cause that really made you feel good. And all of that for just a dollar or so.

Unfortunately, kids are busier these days, and organizations have a harder time reaching those same neighborhoods. Nowadays, both parents work longer hours, children have more homework and activities than ever, yet the need of those organizations that help to promote a good cause is very much alive. What they might need is a “new” neighborhood, a place where that need to help and the excitement to play can be safely offered to the people once again. And that is where we come in.

At Raffle Pages, our team members have experienced that era, when raffle tickets were fun and playful and, most of all, helpful to other people. To recreate an environment similar to what we experienced in the past, or even better, we teamed up with a group of organizations that have made these initials offerings possible for you. You will find more charities and groups joining our efforts in the near future, once the word spreads about our efforts to bring you a chance to assist the cause you desire to help while enjoying the chance to win any of the prizes offered.

To be able to participate, all you have to do is select the organization you wish to support, purchase the raffle ticket, and that’s it. Easy and simple from the comfort of your home; promoting and supporting your favorite cause has never been easier. Good luck and keep on making the world a better place!