1. Create A Raffle

2. Reach out to your community

3. Draw the Winner

4. Fund your cause

Reach the people who are truly interested in your cause.

So you are interested in raising funds for a worthy cause. It used to be easy, safe, and even fun, strolling door to door in your neighborhood selling tickets while socializing. But now most people don’t want to be bothered at home, at dinnertime, in the middle of preparing a meal, bathing their kids, or helping them with their homework. Plus, in many areas it does not feel as safe as it once did.

Let us do the hard work for you.

People still want to help a worthy cause, just not in the same old, intrusive way. To meet your supporters where they interact, take your fundraising into the 21st century by creating a simple online raffle, capable of reaching many more people willing to help and play a little. You may have thought about it already, putting something on the web and promoting it, but maybe got stuck in the middle of all the technical details, overwhelmed by the endless choices. Should you hire a professional web designer, or developer that may cost you thousands of dollars? What kind of web services will I require? Too complicated.

Reach both a local and a global audience so you can support your cause the way it deserves.

What if there was a way to create a simple raffle with only a few clicks of a button and a little text and still look as professional as any first-class fundraiser site? By using RafflePages.com, you will not only create a polished presence in the web, but you will also be able to reach many more people than simply going to one house at a time.

And the best part?

You will not have to pay to set it up, eliminating the risks involved with having to invest large amounts of money to set up a whole website without any guarantees. Many successful raffle organizers have moved their fundraising activities online. Do not miss the opportunity to better support your cause by tapping into the massive online community.

Create your first raffle today at RafflePages.com: the most effective way to support your cause.