Q: Do I have to reside in the state of the Raffle to buy a ticket?
A: Yes, You must be a resident of the State in which the Raffle is held.
Q: Can I donate to any charity without buying a raffle ticket?
A: Yes, you can choose to donate any amount to any charity without the purchase of a ticket.
Q: How will I receive my prize if I win?
A: The charity will choose whether the prize will be delivered or picked up. The exact details will be discussed with you upon winning.
Q: How am I notified if I win?
A: You will be contacted via email and phone if you are the winner.
Q: How long do I have to claim my prize?
A: That will be determined by each individual or organization holding the raffle.
Q: Can I buy tickets from multiple charities?
A: Yes, But you can only have raffles from the same state in one shopping cart.
Q: Does it cost anything to open an account?
A: No. Opening an account is free. You only have to pay if you decide to purchase tickets.
Q: Is Purchasing a raffle tickets a tax-deduction?
A: The IRS has ruled that a payment for a raffle ticket is a tax-deductible charitable contribution only to the extent the amount of the payment exceeds the price of the ticket.
Q: Why do I have to be a Charitable Organization to raffle off a prize with a value greater than $250?
A: In order to Raffle a prize with a value greater than $250 you must have a Charitable Gaming License.
Q: How do I get a Charitable Gaming License?
A: You will have to visit your States Office Of Charitable Gaming website and meet all requirements.
Q: Can anyone hold a Raffle?
Yes, anyone over the age of 18 can hold a Raffle as long as the prize value falls within your State’s laws.
Q: How old do I have to be to buy or hold a raffle?
To be eligible to purchase a ticket or hold a raffle, you must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States.
Q: How long can a Raffle run before it is drawn?
A: The maximum length of a Raffle is 3 months.
Q: Is RafflePages.com available in every state?
A: At this point and to guarantee a flawless online experience for all users, we are only testing the site in the state of Louisiana. Based on the feedback from our current users, we will work to make any necessary adjustments to accommodate every state. Since different laws on raffles and charitable gaming apply to different states, we will be adding states on a monthly basis.
Q: What is the legal status of raffles and charitable gaming?
A: We work endlessly to make sure our site complies with all the regulations set by each state, so once you can access the site on your state, you can rest assured the transactions follow the law. We have partnered with legal consultants in each state to make sure we fully comply with each of the state’s laws regarding these transactions.